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Junior Footy'ers Recreational Soccer League - Ages 6&7 (Spring 2020)
Boys and Girls
7 v 7

Take Advantage Of Our Early Bird Registration Price of $125 + tax! Offer Ends March 23rd returning to $150 + tax regular price.

Junior Footy'ers Summer Recreational Soccer League - Ages 6&7 (Born 2014 & 2013)

Learn to Play! Junior Footy'ers Recreational Soccer League is designed to show your ever growing little bean stocks the magic and excitement of soccer through its purest form, match play. Over a 12 game season kicking off May 23rd, our enthusiastic coaches will be thrilled to guide and teach your Junior Footy'er the basic soccer skills, field positions and match rules of soccer as they whip up and down the field with a huge smile on their face. 

The 60 minute weekly matches will be divided into two parts, a 20 minute warm and practice, where our coaches will gather up the fireballs of energy and practice basic skills and team play followed by two 20 minutes halves of soccer where kids will kick, pass, sprint and run until it can longer be done!

Teams will be mixed gendered and play in a 5 v 5 format with no goalkeepers as we want your Junior Footy'er to show off his skills and getting thrills not standing alone in a net. An official Footy For All coach alongside a volunteer will be assigned to each team of 8 to 10 Junior Footy'ers encouraging, supporting and motivating your Footy'er to explore and relish the game of soccer!

Equipment Needed: Cleats (recommended) or running shoes, shorts, water bottle and sunscreen. Shin guards are highly recommended.


Early Bird Pricing!
1 Aug 2020 - 26 Sep 2020; 12 Games (including playoffs);
9:00am to 10:00am
Skill Development / Games
Boys & Girls; Open to Everyone!
Immaculata High School; 140 Main St.; Central Location, FIFA Grade Turf; Washroom Access, Free Parking
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