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Wednesday Junior Footy'ers Developmental Soccer Program - Ages 6, 7 & 8 (Spring 2020)
Boys and Girls

Junior Footy’ers Spring Developmental Soccer Sessions - Ages 6 & 7 (Born 2014 & 2013)

Our Junior Footy’er sessions will focus on developing your ever-growing superstar's soccer and athletic function through two avenues, technical FUNdamental drills and match play. During the weekly 60 minute sessions, beginning, July 8th, Junior Footy’ers will learn and hone their ball dribbling, passing and shooting skills through well organized, instructor led drills and games filled with fun, excitement and laughs. Additionally, sessions will develop functional athletic movement and balance by introducing new ways to run, jump, turn and accelerate through clever soccer obstacle courses.

We've created interactive drills and games that ignite energetic responses by using a multi sensory approach. The kids will not only be growing their muscular function, they'll also further develop their ability to retain and implement verbal instructions, problem solving and independent decision making through various fun numerical, colour, audio association drills and games that demand quick physical response. 

For match play, our coaches will divide the kids into teams for scrimmages and focus on creativity, teamwork and fair play. Our coaches will energetically, until their voices are no more, encourage your Footy’er to apply their new found skills during this portion of the session. Through positive, friendly and often comedic encouragement, we’ll help build not only your Junior Footy’ers self confidence but also enlarge their smiles as they showcase their new abilities in front of mom and dad.  

Equipment Needed: Water bottle, cleats or running shoes, sunscreen, shorts or jogging pants.

8 Jul 2020 - 19 Aug 2020; 7 Sessions ;
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Skill Development / Games
Boys & Girls; Open to Everyone!
Immaculata High School; 140 Main St.; FIFA Grade Turf; Floodlights

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