Soccer Programs and Details

Welcome to our Footy For All fall and winter programming, we hope to find all the details you need to sign up your little one to become a Footy'er this season. 

We offer programming for 4 to 9 year-olds Wednesday evenings at our state of the art turf soccer facility at Immaculata High School, 140 Main street in Ottawa, Ontario. This summer's programming offerings will include mixed developmental sessions that include 30 minutes of fun developmental games and drills and 30 minutes of small sided matches. See below programming for further details. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact Coach Dan at or call us at 613-366-3202


Our Youth Summer Soccer Programs


Mini Footy'ers Soccer - Wednesdays

Our Mini Footy'ers sessions focus on providing 5 & 6 year olds an "Active Start" by teaching introductory soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. At the same time the wee ones will develop and grow their motor skills, body movements, flexibility and balance within a fun, energetic and positive environment.

Additionally, Mini Footy'ers sessions will focus on a multi sensory approach, igniting the little bambinos to react during games to various bright colors and instructional association, memory and touch with their feet and hands. Your little guys will love the fun, high energy games that will help develop not only soccer skills but general coordination and functional movement. With these skills learned your little Footy'er will gain a tangible athletic skill set to evade mom and dad successfully come bath or bed time!

All Sessions are Wednesday or Fridays (depending on your night selection) 6:00pm to 7:00pm weekly played Immaculata High School outdoor turf field. 


Junior Footy'ers Soccer - Wednesday

Our Junior Fooy'ers sessions focus on teaching 6 & 7 year olds the introductory skills to play soccer while further building upon their ever growing athletic ability already being developed during school gym class and the playground. These sessions will focus on learning FUNdamental soccer techniques like to dribbling the ball, passing and receiving and shooting through fun games that require the kids to use functional athletic movements like like jumping, sprinting and turning. 

Additionally, our Junior Fooy'ers sessions combine the teaching of FUNdamentals soccer skills with learning how these skills are used within a soccer match. Not too worry, its not that serious. We'll be teaching and sharpening the Junior Footy'ers FUNdamental skills in addition to introducing them to various soccer positions, match rules, teamwork and fair play.

The sessions will encourage independence, creativity and free flowing of play during both skill development drills and match play so the kids can discover the fullness of the game all the while our great coaches gasp for air regretting their steady diet of ice cream trying to keeping up with the little spark plugs of energy. 

All Sessions are Wednesday or Fridays (depending on your night selection) 6:00pm to 7:00pm weekly played Immaculata High School outdoor turf field.

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Watch from the sidelines or get involved? It’s up to you

It’s not just the kids that are new to soccer, some parents are too! Choose whichever level of involvement suits you. You are more than welcome to just cheer them on from the sidelines or bleachers or to volunteer to assist with coaching: it’s entirely up to you. Although we have our own team of coaches and volunteers working with the kids each week, committed and engaged parents and siblings who want to get involved to make the experience even better are always welcome. If you do want to get involved, let us know when you sign-up for our summer program.

We also provide volunteer opportunities for high-school students looking to gain experience working with children and add to their volunteer experience for resumes and university applications. Contact Coach Dan at or give a shout at 613-366-3202 to apply to volunteer with the program.

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