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Wednesday Mini Footy'ers Developmental Soccer Program - Ages 4&5 (Spring 2020)
Boys and Girls


Mini Footy’ers Spring Developmental Soccer Sessions - Ages 4 & 5 (Born 2016 & 2015)

We want your little bambinos to fall in love with soccer and physical activity. Beginning July 8th, our weekly 60 minute Mini Footy’er sessions offer an “Active Start” program that will ignite excitement and passion by teaching and developing introductory soccer techniques and athletic movement in a humorously fun, positive and knowledgeable setting over a 7 week period. 

Mini Footy’ers will be introduced to, and learn, foundational soccer techniques like dribbling, passing and shooting while also performing fun tasks that develop their coordination, body movements, flexibility and balance. We’ve created extremely fun drills through a multi sensory approach that will challenge your kids not only physically but cognitively. Your Mini Footy’er will have a blast linking various fun sounds, colors, numbers and yes, even costumes, with specific soccer functions. Do not be alarmed if you see one of our coaches with a friendly shark mask chasing your little Footy’er as they dribble to a red, blue or yellow “safety boat”. Its all in good fun, we promise our shark coaches don’t eat humans.

Your little Footy’er will love the highly energetic sessions that will not only develop their soccer skills but vastly improve their overall athletic ability to evade mom and dad successfully come bath or bed time.

Equipment Needed: Water Bottle, cleats or running shoes, sunscreen, shorts or jogging pants.

8 Jul 2020 - 19 Aug 2020; 7 Sessions ;
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Skill Development / Games
Boys & Girls; Open to Everyone!
Immaculata High School; 140 Main St.; FIFA Grade Turf; Floodlights

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